Friends & Family From Near & Far


Welcome to our 2017 Friends & Family tournament challenge! The tournament is now underway! To see how you're doing, check the report links to the right. Standings are updated hourly (not necessarily at the conclusion of each game).

The Rules

1 ENTRY FORMS: You may enter online at

2 SELF ENTRIES ONLY: You may not complete brackets on behalf of others. You may, however, assist someone else who has completed picks of their own volition.

3 COMPLETED BRACKETS: All entries must have the winners selected for all 63 games of the tournament including the championship game. Do not select a winner for the play-in games. Entering the contest implies acceptance and willingness to fulfill all rules.

4 TIEBREAKER: Write your best guess for the final score of the championship game for use as a tiebreaker, if necessary. If you are entering online, you will be asked for the total points for the final game (i.e. If you think the final score will be 76-73, you would enter 149). Should need arise, subsequent tiebreakers will be (2) champion picked correctly, & (3) the number of semifinal teams picked correctly.

5 DEADLINE: Your entry must be made online by Noon, EST, Thursday, March 16 (the online entry form will be taken down at the above time).

6 SCORING: The contest is scored on an increasing number of points for winners in each round of the tournament. For each winner:

  • 1st Round (64 teams) - 5 pts
  • 2nd Round (32 teams) - 10 pts
  • 3rd Round (16 teams) - 15 pts
  • 4th Round (8 teams) - 20 pts
  • Semi-finals (4 teams) - 30 pts
  • Championship Game - 50 pts

7 UNDERDOG SCORING Take a chance and be rewarded! If you successfully pick the winner in an upset game (lower ranked team beating a higher ranked team) you get bonus points equaling the difference in seeds. For instance: if you successfully pick a #12 seed to beat a #5 seed, you would not only get your round points (outlined above), but you would also get 7 bonus points (the difference in the seeds).

8 SCOREKEEPING: Updated scores/standings will be posted on the website ( throughout the tournament.

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